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Introducing Farmera™

Be connected to your pigs from anywhere.


A new generation in farm management, FARMERA brings evidence-based decision making to your production system, using real-time, health-related information combined with actionable farm performance parameters. 

360-degree management
The hub of an integrated ecosystem

For a given swine production system, the aggregation and collection of all data provides streamlined, transparent, and timely availability of information for an overall snapshot at both the farm and production system levels.  

A new and innovative tool from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, FARMERA  may help you identify health challenges earlier for appropriate intervention that translates into economic value.

Benefits of FARMERA
Streamlined and efficient system-wide communication

Prioritize your time and the health of your system with real-time data at your fingertips.

Early detection and warning

Use current, real-time data to make proactive decisions that impact the health of the herd before it becomes a site- or system-wide problem.

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Automated data aggregation

Production information shows up directly into

FARMERA from integrated barn sensors in real time. 

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Real-time actionable information 

Manage time more efficiently and prioritize sites that need the most attention.

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Medication cost savings

Automatic medication calculations may reduce loss

of revenue due to dosage mistakes and

improve compliance of antibiotic administration.

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FARMERA in Action

See how FARMERA connects you to the critical touchpoints of your operation. 

About Farmera
The management of your whole system in the palm of your hand

    FARMERA is a digital data management and communication platform for swine production. FARMERA supports caregivers, supervisors, veterinarians, and owners who strive to be more efficient, effective, and proactive in the management and health of their pigs. Predictability and early detection of production challenges allow systems to make better, faster decisions to help improve herd health.

FARMERA is backed by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health’s 25 years of pig experience, wide-ranging vaccine product portfolio, and world-class veterinarian and technical resources available to you 24/7.

Benefits of FARMERA
Centralized Communication

Streamlined and efficient system-wide communication

Time Savings

Better time and resource management

Supports Compliance

Treatment and compliance information all in one location

Faster Resolutions

Reduced time-to-problem identification

Improve Data Entry

Reduction of repetitious manual data entry

Dosage Support

Takes the guesswork out of dosage calculation

Team Support

Supports caregiver accountability

Support for every role in the production system
For Caregivers
Easy, centralized communication 
Easy data entry on existing technology 
Mitigates risk
Improves the understanding of on-farm feed utilization
For Supervisors
Efficient and centralized communication
See all your production sites, in real time 
Helps manage time and resources effectively
Visualize data and trends over time
Early detection and warning of health and environmental issues
Improves compliance and cost savings
For Veterinarians
Unified location supports fast diagnosis 
Treatment and compliance information in one location
Improves compliance with calculations done in-app,  with the protocols you put in place for your client
Mitigates risk
Early detection and warning of health issues using SOUNDTALKS®
Innovative way to support and manage the health of the farm 
Facilitates veterinarian–client-patient relationship (VCPR) during COVID-19 pandemic
For Owners/CEOs
Provides concise picture of the overall health of the system 
Improves compliance and cost savings
Mitigates risk 
Helps make employees lives easier and more efficient
Improves the understanding of on-farm feed utilization
Frequently asked questions about FARMERA

While similar technology currently exists, these products and services often fail to address the need for simple, real-time digital access to production, management, and health-related information.

Various data are collected from in-barn caregiver input, or integrations with sensors and other systems, and presents on a single, mobile platform. A key feature of the application is providing a clear snapshot of the overall health of the system, including inventory management, treatment input, and mortality assessment of all barns at a glance.

For a detailed cost analysis, please contact your Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health sales representative. 

You may be eligible for a free trial subscription. Please contact your Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health sales representative for details. 

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